The DailyDivs Platform

Our platforms offers a series of Ethereum games allowing users to competively earn Ethereum rewards for their participation.


DDT Lending

DDT Lending is the first decentralized smart lending platform which rewards users at a rate of 1.33% daily based on the amount of DDT Tokens they deposit along with the ability to re-deposit their rewards to compound their earnings to increase overall profit.


Exchange Game

This game is based on trading volatility where users earn rewards from the buying/selling of the DailyDivs (DIVS) token. Users are rewarded at 20% of all buys/sells based on their token holdings.


Lotto Game

Players compete for the #1 spot in order to win the pot. Players are assigned a random number after entry in which determines who becomes leader based on who has the highest number.



All transactions are completed via the Ethereum network using secure smart contracts. Never worry about your Ethereum being stolen.



Every action involving the DailyDivs Platform can be tracked on the Ethereum blockchain via Etherscan.



All of our games work with Metamask, Trust Wallet, Cypher, Nifty Wallet and other Ethereum wallet browser extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? We've got the answers!

Yes! Once the smart contracts have been deployed to the Ethereum network, no one can make any alterations (aside from token name, symbol and staking amount on the exchange game). Our smart contracts are verified for anyone to review and everything is transparent.
No. Our smart contracts have been tested and audited to ensure that ALL Ethereum stored in the smart contracts is safe.
For the Random Numbers Game, 0.01 ETH is the minimum deposit amount. For the Earn Game, 0.05 ETH is the minimum deposit amount; there is no minimum for the Exchange Game.
Yes. You have what is called a "masternode" which is your referral link for the Exchange Game. For the Earn Game, you will also have a referral link. Both will allow those who share their referral/masternode links to receive a portion of the Ethereum deposits spent by users who utilize the referral/masternode links.